Class Poem & Song


We gather to celebrate 50 long years ago;
Oh my goodness, where did those years go?
Yet we still remember those wonderful years,
and all the fun we had, and even some tears.

Some have fared well, and look much the same;
others will show hair loss and some weight gain.
But we are not coming for a beauty compare,
but to see all the friends we had while there.

This is no place for wrinkle cream and weighing in;
we just want to know how all our friends have been.
So bring your camera and party clothes, and get ready for fun,
because that is what we do for the Big 50th one!

Dee Dee (Watts) Vickers
THS Class 1960


(Swan Song)
Ten, Ten, Ten, ‘til we meet again,
It seems that time has truly flown; it’s so good to be home.
Seeing Mighty Troy, much older girls and boys,
Brings back so many laughs and tears of joy.
We remember when horizons never end,
            With dreams much bigger than reality.
We did the best we could, at times not all we should,
            But here we are, as grateful as can be.
Well, as the years passed by, like clouds across the sky,
            Memories fade but golden moments shine,
And those that long endure, of this we can be sure,
            Are of best friends and loved ones every time.
So now we’re still alive, let’s go for seventy five,
The Class of ’60 Diamond Jubilee.                   
And if this seems too long, just join our hopeful song,
        For after all, we’ll be just ninety three!
The Class of ’60 Gold Reunion
King’s Sons’ Trio, October 10, 2010